[bug] Sharing an image to Twitter does not validate message length

asked 2014-04-16 23:40:53 +0300

MartinK gravatar image

updated 2014-04-16 23:41:16 +0300

When sharing an image to Twitter, the length of the twitter message is not shown. Also messages longer than the Twitter character count limit are accepted and result in failed uploads.

Steps to reproduce

  1. share an image to twitter
  2. type a message that is longer than >140 characters
  3. confirm sharing

Actual outcome

Message is accepted and upload fails. The user needs to retype a shorter version of the message that will hopefully pas under the limit next time.

Expected outcome

The UI should not accept messages that go over the message length limit or in case this can't be effectively enforced in all cases (the image URL is included in the Tweet - does it have a dynamic length ?) the user should be able to edit the message and retry. A more verbose message that "upload failed" would also be welcome.

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same issue when you share with the browser but the result is worst: it silently discard your message if it's too long and the maximum length is just incorrect

cecton ( 2017-02-01 10:23:36 +0300 )edit