Change places of pause and stop buttons in stopwatch

asked 2014-04-21 02:50:43 +0300

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updated 2014-04-21 06:25:30 +0300

The stopwatch has a very confusing setup to me:

I expect the Play-button to change into a pause button, so I can toggle between running the clock and pausing the clock without moving my finger. Opposite the Play button I would like the Lap-Time button. Each time I hit the Lap-time button, a new lap-time should be recorded and kept, just like it is. The Lap-time button would be fine to change into a "stop" (i.e. "clear all")-button when the clock is paused, since it obviously is pointless taking laptimes on a non-counting clock.

Unfortunately, the controls for lap-time and pause are currently switched, so the play button becomes a lap-time button, and the "stop"-button becomes a pause button. This means that I often mistakenly hit the stop-button when I just want to "toggle off" the pause mode.

Could someone please just change the places of the two button's secondary modes?

I know it is a very unimportant little thing in the grand scheme of thing here on Together, but I expect it is also a very quick and small fix, and it would really make the stopwatch much more fumble-free!

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