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Hi, This is actually not a question, but staibility report of release. After countless problems with previous , I'm happy to inform that latest release has been very stable for me.

10:56:09 up 10 days, 20:13, 1 user, load average: 0.55, 1.18, 1.87

As a report back and big thanks to @chris.adams for his connectivity fix. I haven't done any heavy testing (like trying to repeat camera bug), but connectivity and stability seems to be improved a lot as well as battery life. The typical case where signal strength has been poor or when moving away from WLAN reach (or possibly poor 3G also), hasn't required any manual actions to switchover/recover connectivity. Also with very light usage 4 days without recharging is reachable even apps loaded, connections enabled and 2 mail accounts syncing twice an hour (barely survived 2 days with previous release).

So I could guess that fixes in latest release is to thank for, but just in case some one still has similar problems after update here is a list what has changed for me since last time I had problems:

-Less than a week before latest update I tried 10 min battery removal trick. Which seemed to improve stability for me even with, but did too little testing to be sure, what other things might have caused improvements (like closing apps once in a while).
-Updated as soon as become available. => Notably battery life improvements and connectivity improvements and no need to reboot anymore.
-Gradually taken 'mitäkuulu' v0.2-9 into 24/7 use (roughly 5 days 'always on' now), without problems.
-I haven't yet been keeping 'tidings' app open 24/7 as was the case when I had problems with previous release (I'm not suspecting it but just wanted to report all differencies).
-Maybe tend to (accidentally) swipe down to close some apps once in a while, but definitely for example tweetian and settings app has been on more than 3 days in a row, which was a maximum time that previous release was able to run before requiring reboot.

There are 2 unclear cases where I have noticed that mobile network was in disabled state, but restored nicely after tapping it, and wasn't sure was that because of restoring from flight profile I had activated for 12 hours, or me accidentally disabling it first (was in cruise to Stockholm).

Apps I have loaded 24/7 several days now are settings, tweetian, mitäkuuluu, whatismyip (settings I have accidentally closed every now and then). Taking tidings 24/7 use from now on to see if it has nothing to do with stability.

I don't know if related to anything, but ssh from laptop to Jolla via WLAN stays active even after screen blanks (screen saver). With previous release I had to annoyingly double tap to continue remote session when screen blanked.

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