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maps crashes when off line

asked 2014-04-22 17:11:48 +0300

mcfrisk gravatar image

A lot. Tried to use it when on holidays. Downloaded and checked maps with hotel WLAN's and due to roaming charges was off line otherwise. Never got anywhere with jolla maps 'cos the app crashed. So, jolla maps is useless when I actually needed it. Sorry. Since the crashes are so in-your-face I'm sure you can do similar testing too. Or setup automatic log retrieval for some testing users.

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1 Answer

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answered 2014-04-23 08:43:46 +0300

Aaron McCarthy gravatar image

Thank you for reporting this. It is a known issue and a fix is in progress.

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Asked: 2014-04-22 17:11:48 +0300

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