Multiple email selection actions (mark all read/unread)

asked 2014-04-23 16:30:48 +0300

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updated 2015-02-04 06:41:34 +0300

The release allowed the possibility to select multiple emails. Currently ( there is only the options to delete, move or unselect the selected emails. It would be nice to have the option(s) of marking them all as read/unread.

Update by @anandrkris - I am not saying this is trivial but it should not be too hard to implement? Often times, I get huge number of promotion / unimportant mails which I would like to mark as read although may read them leisurely at a later point in time. Having an option to mark selected mails as read would be really helpful in such cases.

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And possibly to forward them (as attachments)

donaggio ( 2014-04-23 16:57:41 +0300 )edit

And an option to reverse the selection, making it easy to select a few recent mails, then reverse selection and delete a lot of old ones.

mosen ( 2014-04-23 18:21:43 +0300 )edit

I really need a function to set all (selected) emails to 'read' !!

As is, my Jolla is NOT selfsuficient, (in some situations) a computer is needed to fix/handle email.

chappi ( 2014-06-10 18:39:28 +0300 )edit

Yes, please. Earlier this week I had to mark 200 emails as read, one by one. That wasn't fun.

Kevin ( 2014-12-11 13:46:37 +0300 )edit

Yes! please please make this function BTW - actually I think there is a way (bug maybe?) that makes possible to mark all emails as read (or at least resets the counter) - this is how I'm able the reset the counter ( Vaarainjärvi): - select all email messages - while all messages selected, mark the first one read => voila, the unread counter resets

ehakkarainen ( 2015-01-05 11:02:07 +0300 )edit