maximum battery charging temperature? Wireless QI charger temperatures in general? [answered]

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Thanks to the great salifish app "Charge Monitor" by kimmoli we are now able to easily monitor charging temperature. Operating a "1000mA Samsung S4 Qi receiver" TOH, my battery heats up to 50°- 55°celsius after ~3 hours of charging at ~+500mA.

Everything runs smooth while charging and cooling down from 55° to regular 30-32°. No overheating warnings as mentioned here:

But Jolla feels hot like a grilled-potato when removing from the chargerpad...

What is your estimated impact to the overall lifetime of my Jolla? Are these temperatures even dangerous to the battery, what should be the maximum temperature?

EDIT 16.08.2014 Investigating a bit into other qi capable devices like Nexus 5 the answere seems to be that 55 degrees celsius is still safe but should be concidered maximum regular charging temperature. I seem to have a cheap device! Other qi charger and reciever combinations seem to stay es low as 40-45 degree while charging. Can anybody confirm?

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