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Unmarked audio selection on lower screen when selecting an ambience

asked 2014-04-25 12:36:18 +0300

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updated 2014-07-30 16:54:37 +0300

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Go to gallery, Ambience, (select an ambience that is not one of your favourites), touch the area below the "Set ambience as favourite. It will become accessible with a swipe gesture from Home and Lock Screen"

You will then be taken to the internet call tone selection screen.

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answered 2014-04-25 14:46:43 +0300

Neo gravatar image

updated 2014-04-25 14:47:33 +0300

What you have written is not exactly true.

If you touch the area immediately after the text it will take you to the ringtone selection, if you touch the area in the middle between the text and the end of the screen it will take you to the internet call tone selection and if you touch the area close to the end of the screen it will take you to the message tone selection.

Anyway, I didn't even know this could be done, so thanks for bringing this up. It means that you can change the default tones for an Ambience without making it a favourite Ambience.

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So it seems that the tone selection items are there like in favorited ambiences, just not visible, and you can use the three first items that fit on the screen but not scroll down for the others...

ssahla ( 2014-04-25 22:09:22 +0300 )edit
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