Keyboard: backspace bug using android apps and word suggestions [duplicate]

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I have seen this in almost all android apps where text input in combination with word proposals is available (messaging, gaming, multimedia) on my jolla device - so I assume its a general issue. It is better to explain it by a simple example:

Type some text, i.e. 'Hello there'. The first word 'Hello' you type manually. After that, you press space in order to proceed with 'there'. But you don't type it completely: after 'th' you just use the proposal 'there', which the input system displays to ease writing.

Now imagine you want to start with 'Hi' instead of 'Hello'. You use the backspace key in order to delete the word 'there' and when you delete the space character between the two words, the bug appears: Instead of displaying just 'Hello' it displays 'HHell'. It looks like, when the word proposals are used sometimes the keyboard is a little out of sync, not recognizing that space characters are present. In that case, the deletion of the space character triggers the deletion of the last character of the word already ('o' in my example).

This can be easily reproduced with my jolla in version with 3 different android apps before sending this request (threema -> messaging app, quizduell -> german version of quizkampen / quizclash app where a chat function is included, opera mobile -> using search function at I'm not quite sure if it is also reproducible with native jolla apps - however it seems to be at least not as easy as with andoid apps (checked it with notes-app and sms).

It would be nice if anybody can confirm this as well in order to verify if this happens only with my device or if its a general problem.

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I think you are describing a known issue, see here: If you agree, please vote on the other one and close this one as duplicate. Thanks :)

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You're correct. Tried to find the issue via search but simply looked for other tags... I'll close this as you have described. :)

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unfortunately I can't close it as I don't have enough karma for this.. sigh. Would be glad if anybody of the high-karma guys can do it for me! ;-)

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Sure :) thanks

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