App request: Multi-function writing app (like Drafts)

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One of my favorite apps on iOS is Drafts. It’s a note-taking app, but not only that. It starts with a blank page where you can write, and then you can choose to send the text as SMS or email; save it as a document in DropBox; post to Facebook or Twitter; save to EverNote; save as a calendar event; or do nothing, and it will be just saved for later. The actions are configurable, so you can have all kinds of custom things to do with your text.

I’d love to see something with a similar approach on Jolla. Focusing on content, not the medium. No need to think which app to launch; Messages? Mail? Facebook in browser, or Friends, or post to FB from Events screen? Tweetian? Notes? Mitäkuuluu? When something comes to your mind, you could just launch this app and start typing, and only later decide what you want to do with it. It’s a starting point that replaces "messages > new sms", "email > new message", "evernote > new note", etc.

Edit: I was thinking of a separate app when I wrote this, but I wouldn't mind seeing it baked-in to the OS – a "compose" function that could be started from an icon, from the lock screen pulley menu, from the events screen, or even with a gesture (for example, one of the swipe-from-side ambience selector gestures reassigned to show a "compose" screen).

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"Workflowy" is another great idea that is even more powerful than Drafts. Take a look ( Wish someone could port it or create something on those lines for Sailfish.

Naveen ( 2015-06-11 19:29:37 +0300 )edit