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"brightness bar" in Settings should handle "automatic brightness" [answered]

asked 2013-12-28 00:20:56 +0300

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updated 2014-10-23 16:48:40 +0300

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Brightness bar that is shown in "main" page in Settings should be disabled when "automatic brightness" is set and it should adjust itself accordingly when brightness is adjusted automaticly.

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Well, on most devices I've tried it (N900, N9, CM9@HP Touchpad, Z10) the brightness bar actually sets some threshold for automatic brightness, as some content types (white text on black background, low contrast content, etc.) or environments (total darkness full sunlight) might be outside any sensible default threshold. I expect the slider works the same on the Jolla.

MartinK ( 2013-12-28 01:28:55 +0300 )edit

The slider indeed is there for fine-tuning the automatic brightness and I think it works well. Same idea is used also in Nokia E71.

hana ( 2013-12-28 10:32:38 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-06-11 08:45:46 +0300

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Similarly to N9 & co: In automatic mode the brightness slider is used for choosing between different "ambient light sensor profiles."

Currently (= If the slider is set to minimum, the device uses minimal brightness in darkness and remains relatively dim in office lightning - but still reaches maximum display brightness in sunlight. Moving the slider towards maximum setting progressively makes the display brighter in office lightning and saturates to maximum allowed by hardware with less light. Additionally minimum brightness allowed by hardware is not used when slider is moved to top half of the scale.

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