Inconsistency: composing new mail from contacts app does not open email app, if installed.

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Hi there,

Usually I am composing new emails via the jolla-email app. But yesterday I found out, that the contacts app is also capable to do that, meaning: If an email is composed out of the contacts-app, the email-app is not loaded separately.

However, what looks like a nice feature at first, turns out a little inconvenient when you really use it: Imagine, I have to send some details about another contact in that mail, and I'm just writing inside the contacts app. If I don't have the details in my mind, I have to lookup for the details in order to copy and paste them. So I have to leave the email-composing screen, which happens with a swipe to the right. But this unintentionally deletes the already written text. (Coincidence with - It would be great to automatically save already composed content!) However, there is an option to save it as a draft, but only via pully-menu. It is then saved to the email-app. You can't find it at the contact where you originally composed the draft-mail.

This is inconsistent: Either the email-app is used anytime when there is a way to compose an email - so one expects to lookup for drafts also in the email-app, or there should be a configuration for this (Composing emails with internal contacts app or not). In this case, the drafts should be found also when the contact is loaded again. This configuration should also depend on the existence of the email-app, as it is not pre-installed on the jolla device as far as I can remember.

Any further hints or suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks! :)

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If you don't have the app installed you can't have that composer view :)

This is done like that for a quick way to send a email, for example you get a sms and want to reply via email, more options will just make the process unintuitive and slower IMO, you can always just use the email app, it has auto-completion for your local contacts. I agree with the drafts saving issue, will be fixed in coming releases.

VDVsx ( 2014-05-06 15:43:31 +0300 )edit

But wouldn't it be better - or to be more specific - more consistent, if the email-app is opened in that case? I always thought it is working like this, until I minimized it and just say the contacts-app only. In my opinion the contacts-app should have the ability to CALL the phone app, to CALL the messaging app and also to CALL the email-app, or any other kind of application which is associated with the stored data in order to communicate with a person, but not take over (even not partially) the responsibility of those applications. Otherwise the problem is the following question: Where to cut off features to have an effective partial or 'quick-send' feature? Whatever decision is made in this area, it will disappoint somebody because one expects the full set of features...

Just my 2 cents - feel free to convince me if you think I'm wrong. ;-)

majuss ( 2014-05-06 17:31:20 +0300 )edit