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how to fix global Sailfish UI's inconsistencies

asked 2014-05-06 20:30:31 +0300

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I've been using my jolla for a few weeks now, and I think the UI ergonomy is flawed. Let me explain my thoughts:

  • on the main screen, left and right edge swipe are going to the "atmosphere" setting which is not something important enough to have it activeable in two actions (whereas more important stuff like turning turning off wifi is about 3 actions away) ;
  • the lengthy list of apps is just annoying, there should be ways to regroup them through categories, and/or have shortcuts ;
  • having both left and right sides for getting back to main screen from any application is redundant, whereas it's fundamental action ;
  • the top edge is hard to reach when the phone is used with one hand making closing application unpleasant that way... I tend to go back to home screen, long press, close instead ;
  • the top left (for people using the right hand) / top right (for left handed) are hard to reach, and whenever there's an app at this position (which is the default if there's only one app) it's unpleasant to reach to make the thumbnail's swipes, the second hand is mandatory.

And I have to add to that, that the browser is the most difficult one to use I ever saw on a phone device, and other apps' ergonomy can be cristicized as well. I know this is only v1.0.5 and I remember the first iPhoneOS which did not even have copy/paste... But I think it'd be nice to talk together about those flaws and maybe find very smart solutions/suggestions to address those design flaws.

Sadly, I did not know that the main Jolla UI wouldn't be FLOSS before buying it (yeah, my fault I should have read more thoroughly about it before I bought it, but I was enthusiast to get it ;-) ), so the only thing I can do to help fix that is to talk about it, instead of breaking the UI on my own phone :-p

So my questions are:

  • for the Jolla team, what do the Jolla designers do to fix those flaws?
  • to the community, how would you improve the ergonomy to make it the best ever?
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For the "hard to reach" points you will have to wait for the next phone (if they decide to make it smaller -which i hope) or wait another MFG to make a smaller sailfish os phone.

Grouping of apps (folders) is coming i thing in the next release.

Turning on/off wifi is a long swipe (to activate the pulley) and a tap to the shortcut.

There has been discussion to have the swipes configurable but i don't think they have decided on anything. +there are more things to fix and the resources are extremely limited.

There are many BUGs and feature requests with ui ux tags to check what has been proposed. Also there are threads about the next jolla device.

ApB ( 2014-05-06 20:38:58 +0300 )edit

having the back to main screen swipe on both sides isn't redundant. There are right and left hand users and it is easy this way for both parties.

shining ( 2014-05-07 09:40:28 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-05-06 21:26:21 +0300

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First - thank you for the really thoughtful and well described analysis. I generally agree with most of your points, BUT: please make each one of them a separate question that can be discussed in separate thread and voted for. That is the way it is done here on TJC. I know it is different(unlike?) to what most of us are used to, but does makes sense in the absence of bugzilla.

Now on the points:

Use these threads and use search please:)

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