[Bug] Phone number with spl. characters gets mangled if dialed in the android app

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Hi everyone,

I have to use a business related Android app controlling some functionality of call center with DTMF codes (no hope to get it as a native sailfish app in the near future). However, it doesn't work properly due to bug in android integration.

The problem:

In short, that calls to numbers including special characters like "+", "," and "#" are failing when the call is initiated in the android software. The sailfishos confirmation dialog for the call is shown, but these special characters are mangled, only their ascii representatives ("%2B", "%2C" and "%23") are shown but the number shown is not the correct one. To me it looks like that the numbers are first converted to their ascii codes, then followed by removal of the invalid characters i.e. hexadecimals and percent mark. If the call is then allowed the system tries to call to this invalid number (typically something not existing) and the call fails.

An example of the failing number is call to Finland starting with country code: +3589123456 turns to 23589123456 ('+' is first replaced with '%2B' and '%' and 'B' dropped, thus '+' is replaced with '2').

if the number consist only on numeric characters the call is successful.

I also noted that "*" was not mangled, so not all of the non-numbers are broken. Also, some numbers has to be (afaiu) converted, for example "," in the in android side dial code should be "p" (or "w" ?) in sailfish.

How to reproduce the issue:

The problem as such happens with any dialer type android app - I tested that with "Espier Dialer" app, installed using yandex.store. I tried to call a number including country code (say number +35891234567.....) and the call failed. Using 091234567 instead makes the call succesfull.

OS Version:

I'm running on ( Paarlampi.

Still present in Vaarainjärvi

Bug is present in somewhat modified form in Aaslakkajärvi.

Checked the current status of the issue using Vaarainjärvi Aaslakkajärvi and updated the entry in terms of OS Version tags

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This seems to be the same issue or at least related: https://together.jolla.com/question/71883/percent-encoded-tel-links-does-not-work/

nthn ( 2015-01-09 14:37:55 +0300 )edit

Yes, it could be same or related. However, in here I have pointed out that in addition to 'percent encoding' issue we have a problem (afaiu) with some special codes that are different in Android and sailfish (namely, while you should use"," in android to get pause or break while the number is dialed you should use "p" or "w" in sailfish instead - and this code is not converted automatically when dialing in android app).

EHyde ( 2015-01-09 16:54:45 +0300 )edit