Browser: Erratic behavior with facebook – jumping back in history, tabs mixed up [not relevant]

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Edit: Closing this as outdated/not relevant, since I haven't seen this for a long time & doesn't seem to be a common problem.

I experienced the following strange behavior in Browser:

I have one tab open with page A. I go to tab grid/bookmarks screen and select my bookmark to In Facebook, I tap the messages icon in the toolbar. Suddenly, I’m taken back to page A.

Variation: I have opened from my bookmarks. I tap an external link in my news feed, and that link (page B) is opened in a new tab. I close that tab. I tap the messages icon in FB toolbar. Suddenly, page B is shown again in this tab.

I could reproduce the bug consistently every time. I was just about to report this as a bug when I found out what caused it: The URL I had saved as a bookmark was (I guess I had saved the bookmark after doing something with messages in FB). The strange behavior no more occurred when I removed the unnecessary trails from the URL.

Still, I find it strange, suddenly being taken back to a page viewed earlier, or even to a page that has been viewed in another tab. Even if the URL has unnecessary parameters, it shouldn’t get tabs mixed up, should it? Is there a logical explanation for this, or is it a bug in Browser?

(I'm not sure if this kind of thing has occurred only with FB and only when using that bookmark, but that's the only case I have managed to pinpoint it to.)

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