[bug] Connecting bluetooth handsfree device while ringing

asked 2014-05-13 10:10:45 +0200

m_josenhans gravatar image

Bluetooth handsfree profile support ringing as inband (within the audio channel transmitted from the phone to the handsfree device) and generation of ringtones within the handsfree device.

My car kit Nokia CK-7W supports bluetooth headsfree profile. Usually the ringtone is generated from the phone / network inband.
However when I connect the handsfree device while ringing I can hear besides the ongoing 'inband ringing" the ringing generated by the handsfree device.
When the called party picks up, the "inband ringing" stops, while the ringing created by the handsfree device does not stop, even after the call ends. When I press the button on the handsfree device the handsfree device internally created ringing stops. Please report if you experience similar problems.

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