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Swipe right or left to bring app to multitasking view [not relevant]

asked 2013-12-28 01:56:49 +0300

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There should be an option, to decide from wich side i want to swipe my app to multitasking view. I use my phone only with my right hand, so i always swipe from right. So the left swipe could be used for something different, swipe between open tabs in web browser, for example. It should be an option: left/ right or both

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answered 2013-12-28 16:59:29 +0300

I'm not sure that this fits well in the design. Swiping from left and right is something good because you can handle your phone with any hand and perform the gesture easily. If someone use only right hand to use the Jolla it can be tempting to replace the unused gesture with another action, but this leads to several complications

  • Hard to reach: the other side of the phone is not easy reached, so someone need to use the second hand to control this gesture
  • Conflicts: if you allow the settings "right only", "left only" and "both edges" to do minimization, then the other action won't be available if the "both edges" option is enabled.
  • Gesture role problems: if the other side gesture is replaced by something that controls the application (switching tabs in browser), this conflicts with the roles of those swipe gestures. Swipe gesture controls the application, it minimizes it or close it. From the bottom, it minimizes the application and brings the events view, so it is still about controlling the application. Putting a gesture that don't control the application as a swipe makes the whole identification "edge gesture = app control" wrong.
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