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Good day. I am J.R. from the Philippines. Will you accept design suggestion for your handsets? I am a nokia phone user. most of my phone are nokia handsets with Symbian OS. The latest is I have was model E7. I want to suggest that your next handset you make is the communicator-type like the 9500 or E90. The latter could have been a great handset if not for the low internal storage and small main screen for a communicator. At least 16GB and 4.5" would be ok. Also make it customizable and powerful enough to install linux os. A full desktop is great. I think nokia n900 and n9 can be customized. I hope you take this suggestion into consideration.

Thanks and best regards, J.R.

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Anyone may read suggestions but what you are asking made me laugh "enough to install a linux os" - SailfishOS is a linux OS, the challenge is to have all drivers for the kernel you want to use as those are most of the time non-free. I'd love to have another N900 like phone, a 4.5" screen is not needed on a keyboard-device, make it 4" with a proper landscape keyboard... but what could be actually a really good idea is to enhance the Jolla to a sandwich with (bottom to top) TOH-KBD-Screen in the same dimensions we have now and keep the TOH of the current Jolla the same.

chemist ( 2014-05-16 11:34:51 +0300 )edit

I know that Sailfish is linux. What I meant by that is for the handset to handle a full desktop OS. And Linux is the best option. I've seen Ubuntu on Nexus devices and Debian ported to Galaxy note 10.1. I know that those devices don't work 100% when ported with different OS but the basic ones are working and can be quite useful. I think 4.5" is the ideal for a keyboard device. A 5" screen will also be good for those who have problems with their vision. For the sandwich/TOH that you mentioned, I was thinking of detachable clamshell-type keyboard. Just like a small Thinkpad Helix. At least that's what went to my mind when you mentioned that one.

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Sailfish uses a lot of components of a standard linux distribution so i assume someone can pack a lightweight desktop environment (ie Enlightenment) in an app and having it launch with an icon on the launcher. Only thing that you will need is a way of connecting the phone to a screen which is something the phone doesn't have at the moment.

Also there is this topic i started for suggestions to jolla regarding HW. https://together.jolla.com/question/19564/jolla-2nd-device-hw-suggestions/

ApB ( 2014-05-16 16:57:11 +0300 )edit