Use same standard folder for pictures in Jolla and Android environment

asked 2013-12-28 02:54:24 +0200

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updated 2014-01-10 21:01:17 +0200

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As Jolla does not yet offer comprehensive Photo editing tools I need to refer to Android.

This is somehow tricky as obviously some android apps cannot read the picture folders in Jolla Environment and other way around the Jolla Gallery does not show pictures stored in the Android Environemt.

Isn't there a way to interconnect this for seamless working with Jolla's pictures in Android Apps and saving to a location accessed by Jolla Gallery?

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Logically, this request should apply to all media (not just photos but music and video etc.) so that native Jolla apps and Android apps have equal access to the same media files.

Milhouse ( 2013-12-28 03:39:06 +0200 )edit

yay. But Photos most crucial for editing.

ramoth ( 2013-12-28 04:19:27 +0200 )edit