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Another - Fatal error: Authentication failed (is SSU set up correctly?)

asked 2014-05-22 21:00:51 +0300

clouseau gravatar image

I've been thru the similar threads, and I don't think it's the same issue as mine - at least none of the ideas helped. When I go to update thru Warehouse it says:

Transaction /2254_acbedcaa Status: repo not available Extra details: Authentication failsed (is SSU set up correctly?)

here are my repos:

[root@dhcppc2 log]# ssu lr Enabled repositories (global): - adaptation0 ... https://store-repository.jolla.com/releases/latest/jolla-hw/adaptation-android-common/armv7hl/ - adaptation1 ... https://store-repository.jolla.com/releases/latest/jolla-hw/adaptation-qualcomm-sbj/armv7hl/ - aliendalvik ... https://store-repository.jolla.com/releases/latest/aliendalvik/SbJ/ - apps ... https://releases.jolla.com/jolla-apps/latest/armv7hl/ - eas ... https://store-repository.jolla.com/features/latest/eas/armv7hl/ - hotfixes ... https://releases.jolla.com/releases/latest/hotfixes/armv7hl/ - jolla ... https://releases.jolla.com/releases/latest/jolla/armv7hl/ - xt9 ... https://store-repository.jolla.com/features/latest/xt9/armv7hl/

Enabled repositories (user): - openrepos-Acce ... http://sailfish.openrepos.net/Acce/personal/main - openrepos-GsCRuL3Z ... http://sailfish.openrepos.net/GsCRuL3Z/personal/main - openrepos-MartinK ... http://sailfish.openrepos.net/MartinK/personal/main - openrepos-NielDK ... http://sailfish.openrepos.net/NielDK/personal/main - openrepos-basil ... http://sailfish.openrepos.net/basil/personal/main - openrepos-coderus ... http://sailfish.openrepos.net/coderus/personal/main - openrepos-condo4 ... http://sailfish.openrepos.net/condo4/personal/main - openrepos-djselbeck ... http://sailfish.openrepos.net/djselbeck/personal/main - openrepos-mikel83 ... http://sailfish.openrepos.net/mikel83/personal/main - openrepos-nodevel ... http://sailfish.openrepos.net/nodevel/personal/main - openrepos-otsaloma ... http://sailfish.openrepos.net/otsaloma/personal/main - openrepos-xmlich02 ... http://sailfish.openrepos.net/xmlich02/personal/main - store ... https://store-repository.jolla.com/SbJ/armv7hl/

Disabled repositories (global, might be overridden by user config):

Disabled repositories (user): - home ...

Also, when I try pkcon ur, then pkcon refresh it asks me for login and there's no way that I can log in with any user/passw.

Other odd things:

[root@dhcppc2 log]# ssu s Device registration status: not registered Device model: Jolla (SbJ / JP-1301) Device UID: 359745050128393 Release: latest

Why am I not registeres?

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answered 2014-05-22 22:05:27 +0300

kaltsi gravatar image

It seems your ssu release has been changed from the release number to 'latest'.

If you were in release, you can change it back with the command:

ssu release

Also make sure your ssu domain is 'sales'. You can check it with the command "ssu domain".

Your ssu is in "not registered" state as it should be.

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The doman was correct. Other than that Your hint worked perfectly, thanks!

clouseau ( 2014-05-23 14:46:58 +0300 )edit

Had some kind of system crash yesterday - while using device display went black, led was blinking in red and after few seconds image was back. Icon layout was reset and I got same error as OP. Thanks for solution, it worked!

sponka ( 2014-06-03 22:17:39 +0300 )edit

Same issue which this has just fixed. Had a crash (although thought nothing of it at the time) then found I got the Authentication failed (is SSU set up correctly?) error.

Followed the advice at: https://together.jolla.com/question/3944/fatal-error-authentication-failed-is-ssu-set-up-correctly/ but this wouldn't fix the problem and the pkcon refresh kept giving a fatal error.

Turned out that the problem was as here with the release having changed to "latest".

Fixed with ssu release and then a pkcon refresh.

Many thanks. Much appreciated.

ninepine ( 2014-10-02 23:28:59 +0300 )edit
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