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[Bug] usb0 causing WiFi to fail due to IP conflict

asked 2014-05-27 05:34:25 +0300

d3Xt3r gravatar image

updated 2014-12-12 16:14:54 +0300

eric gravatar image

I'm not able to browse the web or connect to other devices on WiFi.

After I connect, I get an error message "Problem with connection" at the top of the screen.

I can ping my router (, but as soon if I ping an external IP, I get the message "connect: Network is unreachable". If I ping a PC within my network, I get "Destination Host Unreachable" If I ping from any PC to Sailfish (, I get the same message on the PC.

# ip route show
default via dev usb0 scope link dev usb0 proto kernel scope link dev wlan0 proto kernel scope link src dev wlan0 scope link

So it does look like a routing issue - default gateway is set to usb0 and there's probably an IP/subnet conflict as well. This would also explain why I'm able to connect just fine via other APs, as they are assigning a different IP (192.168.1.x / 10.10.1.x etc)

Now I could mess about with the routing table and the ip config and fix the issue temporarily, but I'd much rather:

a) Delete / disable usb0 permanently or b) Reconfigure usb0 with a different IP/subnet on bootup

I'm not too familiar with the internals of Sailfish, so could someone please help me set up the above?

Thanks in advance.

Device: Nexus 4 | Sailfish version: 1.0.5 | Kernel: 3.4.0-perf-ge1d9619

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Does this happen even when you have nothing connected to the USB plug, when no network connection should be active on it?

juiceme ( 2014-05-27 07:13:24 +0300 )edit

@juiceme: Yes.

d3Xt3r ( 2014-05-27 09:34:32 +0300 )edit

I wonder if network issues on switching between 3G/4G and Wifi are due to that kind of behaviour. We probably have a piece of solution here.

TNZ ( 2014-05-27 11:08:20 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-05-27 16:23:35 +0300

rainisto gravatar image

updated 2014-05-30 11:31:43 +0300

If you do not like the ip or want automatic gateway setting you can enable this by editing /etc/usb-moded/usb-moded.ini file

Add a network section as follows:

ip =
gateway =

Disclaimer: this will change in the future, and there will be a settings ui where you can set your custom ip-addresses. Or you could change your wlan AP not to use 192.168.2.x mask.

PS. This was for Jolla, dont know about Nexus.

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There is already a UI for this, you can change it in the developer mode settings. However the problem here seems to be on the PC end as we do not give a gateway in developer mode.

But for some reason we are not using usb_moded yet on nexus 4 so I do not know where to fix this.

Philippe De Swert ( 2014-05-28 13:13:46 +0300 )edit

@rainisto: Thanks, but that didn't work. ifconfig still says usb0 is on

@Philippe De Swert: There is a UI indeed, but that doesn't seem to do anything. I can make the changes to the IP there but it reverts back to

d3Xt3r ( 2014-05-29 11:54:44 +0300 )edit

answered 2014-05-29 12:32:18 +0300

d3Xt3r gravatar image

Solved it!

I grep'd / for all files containing "" and found /init-debug

Edited the file, changed LOCAL_IP= to LOCAL_IP=, rebooted and viola, we're back in business!

Confirmed via ifconfig. GUI no longer shows "Problem with connection". All network functions appear to be working normally.

Thanks everyone for your comments.

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