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Idea: DAC, headphone amplifier OH

asked 2014-05-30 16:21:58 +0300

pmelas gravatar image

An OH with DAC and headphone amplifying capabilities would be nice. It is not clear whether the OH direct access to phone's DAC or bypass the audio amp to headphone jack. the way I see this OH is like FiiO E05/6 without it's battery, input, and control buttons?

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I've had this thought also. Would be awesome to have a HiFi Jolla. :)

Psycho Squid ( 2015-08-30 10:35:55 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-06-02 23:12:34 +0300

attah gravatar image

TOH interfaces via i2c, the configuration of which is too slow for transferring lossless audio. It has no special interfaces to the audio side of things, line level or otherwise. One could however use Bluetooth or WiFi, and possibly USB OTG. None of these is very optimal in my oppinion.. but then again, I'm not everyone.

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TOH seems to be restrictive, maybe Jolla II will address some of these problems.

pmelas ( 2014-06-03 01:17:53 +0300 )edit

references for this, I though i2c can handle enough for sound

Bysmyyr ( 2014-06-04 16:34:54 +0300 )edit
1 (page 7, aka the 9th page)

attah ( 2014-06-04 21:59:37 +0300 )edit

answered 2015-08-29 01:42:30 +0300

White gravatar image

In a few days i will try to use Oppo HA-3 digital amplifier with Jolla phone with USB OTG cable. Hope that will work. Did someone tested it?

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