Create calendar event from SMS or email

asked 2014-06-02 15:31:05 +0300

aegis gravatar image

Our cat's veterinary practice sends reminders of appointments via SMS like this...

"Hello, just a quick reminder that Jess has an appointment at the vets tomorrow at 10.00am"

It would be good if I could swipe left (where Call and Send SMS are) and create a calendar event from that text.

If I paste that text into Fantastical on my Mac, which has natural language recognition, it manages to pull out the location "the vets" and the date and time. It unfortunately didn't pull out "Jess" as an appointee but as she's a cat and doesn't like the vets, it's probably a good idea she didn't get an invite in her calendar. It'd be good to see natural language recognition in Sailfish for creating appointments from text in SMSs and email.

But failing the recognition, just creating an event with the text in the event description would be a good start.

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