[BUG] system jolla-ambient sounds

asked 2014-06-11 12:20:12 +0200

michdeskunk gravatar image

updated 2014-06-11 12:37:26 +0200

Before update I have modified my keyboard sounds, I taken keyboard_letter.wav 768 kbps and converted to 1411 kbps 2 channel with an high volume (cause the default sound was very low)! Now after update the sound return low.. I think update re-write default file then I re-copy my sample to jolla-ambient sounds but now when I push keyboard no sound loud! So I re-converted my sample to a 768 kbps 1 channel, but anyway it doesn't work!! Jolla what have you done to these wave files??? Why my personal sounds don't work???

THEN: anyone can upload me the default sound keyboard_letter.wav and keyboard_option.wav cause I lost them??? You can found them in /usr/share/sounds/jolla-ambient/stereo/

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thanks man!

michdeskunk ( 2014-06-11 23:06:33 +0200 )edit