Add drag-and-drop functionality to app switcher (home screen)

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It could be useful to be able to pass data from app to app via the home screen / app launcher.

API draft

  • Each app can define a list, what type of data they will handle, so you could show interactively whether the data can be handled by target or not
  • there could be externalDataReceived-signal for ApplicationWindow

Process of transaction

  1. A drag-and-drop transaction would begin from the app, by calling some special function when the data to be tranferred would be selected / dragged
  2. the app would be thrown to background and home screen with app covers be shown
  3. dropping the content on any of the covers / launcher would trigger that apps signal / start the app and trigger the signal
  4. under the hood there would be for example Dbus


  • This would be more intuitive to app developers who are not familiar with Dbus
  • I think this would be intuitive to most of the users too, as most people are used to drag-and-dropping on their desktop machine
  • One could take an image from the gallery and drop it to the email / cloudstorage / paint / etc. apps.
  • This would reduce redundancy with each app having image / etc. choosers
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