Some repeating events duplicated several times with caldav and owncloud

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I added my owncloud calendar with the new caldav sync feature and had some of my recurring events duplicated several times.

Five recurring events that have start dates between 1932 and 1962 are duplicated multiple times and shown on all days, not just the day that they are supposed to happen.

On today for example I have those five events displayed more than 90 times.

There seems to be some logic to this however. An event starting on 3.11.1932 is listed as several events with the following start and end times: 3.11.1977 - 31.12.2050, 3.11.1978 - 31.12.2050, 3.11.1979 - 31.12.2050, ..., 3.11.2011 - 31.12.2050, 3.11.2012 - 31.12.2050, 3.11.2013 - 31.12.2050.

Same goes for the other events. The start year differs but it is always the actual start time + 45 years. Only events that have a start time more than 45 years ago behave this way. Changing the start year of these events to 1969 fixes the issue.

In the owncloud web interface and lightning calendar the events are displayed correctly no matter at which date they start.

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Thanks for reporting this; I've made a task to fix this issue.

blam ( 2014-06-13 03:45:31 +0300 )edit