[BUG] Messages UI lags during chat, a lot

asked 2014-06-11 23:09:22 +0300

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Hi there.

I have suffered from this a while and after this latest update didn't change anything, I'm submitting a bug for this.

The UI for the messages App lags an insane amount while chatting with people via XMPP. Nothing else really lags on my Jolla. The lag usually occurs during chatting when I am in the process of writing a message and a new one arrives at the same time. The lag will prevent words from showing up for a good while (leading to a borked autocorrect which can be fixed by going back to the main view and then into the chat again), received messages will be shown delayed and my messages will be sent (or at least shown to be having sent) delayed. The delay/lag can last up to 2-3 seconds in worst case and sometimes the "Please wait..." dialog will pop up for a longer lag spike, prompting me to wait or close the app. The lag spikes have lead to me sending typos due to simply guessing what characters I typed and not wanting to wait to press "send".

I can tell that the lag occurs while messages are received (while I'm writing) because the phone will vibrate immediately on the incoming message, the UI however will lag.

The protocol is XMPP. I think this was introduced after one of the very first updates, but I'm not sure which. Any instructions or help debugging this will be greatly appreciated.

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I have also noticed this and it does indeed only seem to happen with XMPP.

nthn ( 2014-06-11 23:20:52 +0300 )edit