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How do I change the URL from a "Generic CalDav" account?

asked 2014-06-12 14:23:48 +0300

hardcodes.de gravatar image

updated 2015-09-02 19:48:03 +0300

cemoi71 gravatar image

With the update to came the Generic CalDav account. Great! When the account is being created your are asked the address of the server and an URL. Let's assume it does not work out of the box and I want to play with different flavors of the URL.

How can I change it afterwards? I can change the name of the account and the password but if it is possible to change the remaining configuration, I can't see the wood for all the trees.

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This is still not possible in Any plan to add the edit option? Also, is the card/caldav support still considered experimental? Thanks

spidernik84 ( 2015-06-27 11:24:24 +0300 )edit

i am interested too

cemoi71 ( 2015-09-02 19:47:42 +0300 )edit

same for carddav then

cemoi71 ( 2015-09-02 19:48:18 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-06-21 06:57:24 +0300

asys3 gravatar image

With state "experimental" for caldav in there seems no edit possibility here via menu/settings or another app. So at the moment you only can do it the save way (though not end-user friendly) via the "delete and add new account" procedure.

I digged deeper into where the settings are saved and found a sqlite database where most settings are readable.

If you know what you do, you could modify the database at this point - but I would not suggest that, because it is the general accounts database and you could damage all your settings here.

If anyone is interested where this information is stored and what's exactly stored: The sqlite database is /home/nemo/.config/libaccounts-glib/accounts.db and can be opened with sqlite. The internal database name is "main". Look at the table "Settings" there for all information you need...

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Thanks. Just created a new CalDAV account and for the first time I could see the Jolla device in the access.log of the server. Still does not sync, but the URL is right :-)

hardcodes.de ( 2014-06-29 12:39:00 +0300 )edit

thanks for the answer, could help to know how are the settings

cemoi71 ( 2015-09-02 19:49:10 +0300 )edit
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