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FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 - App for schedules & results? [not relevant]

asked 2014-06-12 22:40:52 +0300

StaticNoiseLog gravatar image

updated 2014-12-01 20:44:09 +0300

simo gravatar image

I have an urgent problem... 20 minutes before kick-off :-)

Has anybody found a working app to help us through the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014?

I am looking for:

  • NOT Google Playstore. No, I do NOT want to install it.
  • Yandex, Amazon, F-Droid, etc. is OK as a source. Directly downloadable APK preferred.
  • Shows schedule of all games
  • Shows results of all games
  • Must work flawlessly, advertising is acceptable

I don"t even dare asking for a native app, but if someone knows about one LET ME KNOW :-)

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I am following "http://urheilu/fifan_jalkapallon_mm" in browser. That is in finnish.

lasse ( 2014-06-12 23:15:11 +0300 )edit

http://m.fifa.com works just fine in the browser and is enough imo. :p

paperboy ( 2014-06-17 02:38:57 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-06-16 18:18:54 +0300

jukey gravatar image

You might use http://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/

There you paste an URL from Google Play Store and it returns an APK file you can install directly on the device.

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answered 2014-06-16 17:43:20 +0300

simo gravatar image

FIFA 2.0 (Android App) is available in Aptoide app store, showing both the schedules and live scoring. Short video at http://reviewjolla.blogspot.com/2014/06/fifa-world-cup-app-on-jolla-phone.html

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answered 2014-06-13 16:19:35 +0300

jukey gravatar image

For adding the schedule as separate calendar please check out this how to.

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Thanks! Now I am prepared for the world cup :-)

StaticNoiseLog ( 2014-06-14 00:31:22 +0300 )edit

answered 2014-06-12 23:22:57 +0300

molan gravatar image

Personally I think this is really off-topic... But since you already posted here:

  1. "OneFootBall" app (available in Amazon Store) is very well done and supports WorldCup results/schedules etc. Problably the best football app for iOS and Android
  2. If you just need the dates you can add an online calendar like: https://www.google.com/calendar/feeds/vdmtdcektajkqjk51vvda4ni4k%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic
  3. Download a news feed app from Jolla Store and find a good website which provides RSS feed infos about World Cup
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Thanks a lot! I found "OneFootBall Brasil" in Amazon Store, which seems to be a special edition for this event. Works great (as opposed to some others I tried). And yes, you are right, this is as off topic as it gets, but still VERY important these days :-)

StaticNoiseLog ( 2014-06-13 00:03:45 +0300 )edit

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