Auto scan for known Wifi if suspended does not reconnect

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UPDATE 20140616: Tonight I forgot to close IRC app, but then turned off my AP. Although the connection was lost over night the phone reconnected today morning automatically as I switched on my AP. So it looks to me that if no other 3rd party applications connecting to internet sites are up and running the native XMPP client will stay disconnected. I am not sure what triggers this behaviour, but it seems to me like a bug. Actually, as it comes out to this bug, this is a crosspost from link:Question 41143.

I am not sure if my issue is related to wifi connection problems already mentioned in other threads, however browsing though them all I didnt find an exactly match for my problem which I like to discuss here.

The problem is as simple as it gets and has not yet been fixed by updates.

  1. I am currently using my phone without mobile data connection (no SIM card inserted)
  2. I connect to my local AP (FritzBox hardware), Jolla shows wlan connection
  3. IM (xmpp), IRC are connected fine
  4. Phone suspends, wlan connection stays okay
  5. I turn of my AP or move my Jolla to a place with no wlan reception
  6. I turn on my AP or move my Jolla back to place with wlan reception
  7. Since the phone lost its wlan connection I expect that it will regularly auto scan for my known AP and reconnect even if the phone is suspended
  8. I wait a few minutes
  9. I turn on the phone, wlan has not been reconnected automatically!
  10. After phone has been woken up it usually reconnects, IM, IRC aso. work fine again.

So is Jolla auto scanning while being suspend or is it only scanning if it resumes? The latter would prevent e.g. IMs to reconnect automatically if your are back in reach of your AP.

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