date not shown on lockscreen or only very short

asked 2014-06-14 15:50:19 +0300

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Happend the first time.

Screen was off. Double tapped the screen. Lock screen was shown but not the date. Tapped again on the lock screen but date was still not shown. Only the operator. Pressed power button twice and the date was visable only very short (a 10th of a second). Tapping on the screen or a pull down still not displayed the date. Unlocked the screen and locked again via pull gesture. Now the "dynamic date display for 1500ms" feature worked again.

Don't know how to reproduced the bug.

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@Tanghus: Reopened because this is a different request. It is an implementation bug which occured one time to me. Your link requests a change of the default behavior.

axaq ( 2014-06-14 21:53:58 +0300 )edit