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[Wiki] How to sync your calendar

asked 2014-06-16 15:18:18 +0300

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updated 2014-06-21 01:13:36 +0300

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This question is for collecting safe instructions on how to sync your calendar with services supported in the current release of Sailfish (CalDAV-based or other), without losing any data. With some services, it might not be safe to just enter your credentials in the Jolla and start syncing, as sometimes the first sync will just overwrite device data from server without giving you a choice. Hence, instructions should include a a wrning to that. As of, the backup feature does not back up the calendar. Make one answer for each service! So the first question is: Is there an app for making a backup of the calendar, and otherwise, how can we do it in the command line?

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answered 2014-06-17 09:31:50 +0300

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This post is a wiki. Anyone with karma >75 is welcome to improve it.

updated 2014-06-21 01:17:52 +0300

bennypr0fane gravatar image

You can copy the calendars sqlite file for a backup. It's located in:


To do this, root access is required. One way to access system files is through a root version of one of the file managers available in Openrepos/Warehouse app: File Browser, Filetug, Cargodock. They are not available in the Jolla store. They allow you to copy the database to a user -accessible folder, e.g. /home/nemo. From there, it's easy to back it up to a PC via USB connection

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That means, just enable developer mode :) When logged in, command "devel-su" will give you root access...

juiceme ( 2014-06-21 10:48:20 +0300 )edit

juiceme: afaik, that goes only for the terminal. running devel-su does not give you root access in other applications, yes?

bennypr0fane ( 2014-06-21 12:10:43 +0300 )edit

devel-su is a shell command, and only gives you temporary root privilege for one single command in the shell (so better make it count, otherwise, you'll be retyping the password a few times) Alternatively sou can install "sudo" with zypper: this gives you a timed root privilege, where you need to type you password only once (the sudo session will expire after a few minutes). Again, this helps you only with shell stuff. But having "bash" means you can do a lot of nice things. For example I created a small shell script that will back up all my android databases, my calendar, my syncevolution settings and such. With sudo, that's working great.

garrosh ( 2014-06-26 13:53:38 +0300 )edit
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