[BUG] Random calendar entries showing up by itself after update 7 [duplicate]

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This has now happened several times. For no reason at all calendar entries with no content are popping up all over the places and with totally randomly assigned time stamps (can be "all day", "from 14:59-00:00", "8:00-8:00", "00:00-08:55" etc etc).

I do not have the calendar synchronized with any other calendars, no facebook (facebook account only sync'ed on pictures and feeder), no google calendar or anything. And I've been using the calendar strictly by inputting each entry manually.

Closed this post as a duplicate to: https://together.jolla.com/question/47151/bug-calendar-has-events-associated-to-no-calendar/

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@ssahla I'm not sure. It may be the same bug or related issues so you may be right. Like I said I never sync'ed my Jolla with any other calendar or event services, and the random entries do not correspond with any thing I have on my facebook page (nor anywhere else as I don't use any of the online calendar services at all). This bug showed up already immediately after I updated. It even happened right before my eye once: I was inputting manually an appointment so I opened the calendar app and pressed the date I wanted. When I finished that and swiped back to the calendar suddenly 3 other dates were marked (and not near to my appointment date) but no content. I closed the app and relaunched it, one of those dates was back to unmarked. Then I swiped a bit back and forth, and realized a random entry also showed up in another month. And it keeps popping up still...

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