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Imagining Jolla-Fueled Accessories

asked 2014-06-22 22:18:49 +0300

updated 2014-06-23 07:35:54 +0300

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After a neat conversation about Adobe's Sketch and Slide, and some of the accessories Adobe has designed to go with these, had this thought come to mind:

...Adobe has taken some of their secret sauce, put it into a digital ruler and pen... Jolla could take ToH, Ambience,etc, and embed it into an accessory another mobile can use when that mobile has Jolla's software running in the primary frame..

Here's a simple use case that kinds of explains this: I have an Android mobile, I see a case I want, the case has a card with it that says, Jolla-enhanced, download a Jolla launcher to see special features... purchase $15 case, see Jolla Ambience launcher in store, download it, launcher changes all UI components (not just homescreen) to Jolla look and feel... otherwise, w/just the app, would have to purchase unlocker to do all UI elements for $5

Technically, then it looks like this:

  • Isolate specific features of Jolla/Sailfish that make sense for accessories (ToH, Ambience, any more???)
  • Isolate specific accessories common to mobile owners (cases, BT headsets, headphones, styli, tripod stands, ???)
  • Create series of Jolla apps for leading (and a few niche) platforms which when those accessories are connected, do something different/fun/intriguing
  • Shift the focus in community engagement to getting persons to purchase these accessories, rather than the whole device, in those areas where device sales aren/can't happen
  • Create a designer's kit that takes an accessory, and allows you to tag it (sticker, or 3D create from near-scratch) with a Jolla trigger

In a sense, pushing forward that ability to take Jolla and turn it into a platform that lives on top of other platforms and extends them only into the Jolla universe. Jolla then becomes associated with not just design (hardware), but enablement (software). If you will, "built with Jolla" becomes the marking push.

This might be something similar to another topic, but it was something that hit a convo and idea so am just putting it out there; if it needs to be combined with another topic/closed, that's fine.

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answered 2014-11-19 17:48:21 +0300

Adding to this question with the advent of the Jolla Tablet today:

  • There was no mention of The Other Half with the JT, I wonder if a Jolla-fueled accessory would be a smart case that does what ToH did for the mobile.
  • Would like to see some kind of dongle or Jolla software to connect to another screen, project content, but then turn the JT into a controller for that screen (a pen-powered digitizer, a gesture and motion based controller, or a simple TV remote w/TV programming recommendation engine
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