Network connection timeout (WLAN hotspot clients lose connectivity)

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Sailfish OS: (Saapunki) - Factory reset, account login, fresh updates. Nothing else done.
Device: Jolla

I share the phone's internet connection through WLAN hotspot using the built-in Internet Sharing feature. After a while of not using the phone, and trying to use the internet connection through the already-connected WLAN client (tablet), the tablet cannot connect anywhere (WLAN is still connected). When I turn Jolla's screen on, it oh-so-helpfully asks me whether I want to use WLAN or Mobile for internet connectivity.


  1. I assume some kind of network connection timeout is taking place, which should either be disableable, or automatically disabled when Internet Sharing feature is used.

  2. I shouldn't even be prompted to choose if I wanted to connect to internet using WLAN, as I have disabled it from the Settings (I am not using Jolla as a WLAN client; I don't want to connect to other WLAN networks using my Jolla, I want to share it's internet connection via WLAN)


I am unsure of the timeout's length, but a sure way to verity this is to leave the phone untouched overnight and then to try to ´surf the web´ on one of the WLAN clients.

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I have the same problem when connect on ssh. After several seconds, reaction is very slow or it is not responding anymore. I think wlan is powered down for energy saving purpose.

Anybody knows how to disable energy saving function temporaryly?

SaimenSays ( 2014-08-02 13:28:05 +0300 )edit