feedback when manually syncing a caldav account

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At the moment there is absolutely no feedback, if a sync is working and if it was successful. Of course i don't want a feedback when the sync is done automatically in the background. But when I sync manually I want to have a feedback, that the sync is working and when it is finished. Especially because the manual sync for me often fails.

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I do not think, that this question is a duplicate of Question 45288.

The latter one is about "sync from pully menu not working", which is fixed per software release by now.

And this one is about the following problem, which is still not fixed (so I reopen this one):

If you start a manual sync via pully menu, you get absolutly no feedback. The absolut minimum, I would expect, is an "OK, sync is all done. No problems".

Top solution would be: "OK, sync is done. Added 34 new events, updated 8 events and deleted 12 events." (Details for each touched event should be written to a log file)

In case of failure, everyone wants detailed information, what exactly went wrong.

To pick up the original poster's, "i don't want a feedback when the sync is done automatically in the background": If anything goes wrong during the automatically background sync, I would like to get a notification to jollas notification GUI.

ralooyar ( 2014-11-17 23:32:53 +0300 )edit