playlist renaming, move tracks between playlists

asked 2014-07-12 10:03:47 +0300

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Playlist in the default media player supports only a single operation, i.e. remove playlist, similar operation exists inside the playlists. it would be nice to expand funtionality and include:

  • A renaming playlist operation would be useful as well
  • Move tracks between playlists, in a similar way we add songs to playlists
  • Select multiple tracks and add to a playlist
  • Provide file path info for a track, sometimes i have duplicates of a track and i want to delete the duplicate, without the real path info it is not clear which duplicate to delete.


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I'd like to add that it would be great to add an entire Album/Artist to the playlist in one go. Currently I have to select each and every song one at a time which is a pain.

grantmcwilliams ( 2014-09-22 03:15:05 +0300 )edit