Improvements to the way android apps are shown

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Some suggestions

  1. When switching back to launcher, the cover for the android app is sometimes black. i don't know which app i am switching back to later
  2. Android apps recognize they have been minimized to a cover. this will allow them to continue posting notifications properly.
  3. Android apps must now recognize when device screen is turned off to save power and correctly post notifications.
  4. i believe the dalvik layer doesn't allow android apps to multitask (ok, android multitasking is possible with services and background apps etc but the ui part doesn't multitask). keep it this way. don't allow multïtasking just because there are separate covers for each running android app.
  5. the android app with the highest z order priority should be the one that is running?? when the app is minimized to a cover, it should be suspended.
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Note: I have added an explicit request to fix #1 before I was pointed here (did not find this one when searching). (Anyway, I assume that the developers prefer destinct requests over suggestion lists for priorization and clarity.)

tokaru ( 2014-07-20 20:04:21 +0200 )edit