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Caldav owncloud broken in tahkalampi?

asked 2014-07-18 10:46:27 +0300

rrijken gravatar image

updated 2014-07-18 13:53:01 +0300

eric gravatar image

Before caldav account with owncloud hosted on own server worked, had some problems with duplicates, but working in general. Now after the update, the calendar app shows no entries anymore at all. Tried readding the acccounts, erasing calendar app and reinstalling, but does not work anymore. Anybody else have this problem?

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It still works for me at least partly. The manual sync works but sometimes entries get deleated instead of synced. Also new entries I create on my computer are imported with the wrong end time. It's the same time as start. So the durarion is 0 minutes.

FloR707 ( 2014-07-18 12:09:56 +0300 )edit

Haven't been able to get anything transfered using CalDAV and Owncloud hosted on but Memotoo seems to pick up the entries from Owncube just fine. But it was like this before Tahkalampi too.

Wizah ( 2014-07-18 12:24:54 +0300 )edit

For me it seems that CalDAV is still very very buggy. I think it will take a while until it is usable.

Fellfrosch ( 2014-07-18 13:18:42 +0300 )edit

For me it worked sometimes for some events on earlier versions, but on Tahkalampi ( it doesn't work at all. I have deleted and recreated the (self-hosted) owncloud account, and can see the name of the calendar(s) in Settings/Accounts/CalDAV (Status Active). However, in the calendar app, when I choose "Manage calendars", the caldav calendar does NOT show. Any suggestion on how to debug this?

martinrusler ( 2014-07-19 23:11:47 +0300 )edit

Same problem with me: no sync under Tahkalampi ( Since CalDAV and CardDAV support are a essential features of a smart phone, being needed for daily work, Jolla should fix this YESTERDAY, otherwise there won't be any perspective for the company in the future. I was shure, that in Tahkalampi they would have fixed all issues of the previous version and expected that CardDAV will be in as well - but it turned out, that things went even into the other direction. Jolla: when we will get a firmware, which provides usability of ESSENTIAL features? I am a big fan of Jolla and I would like to recommend the phone to all my environment, but for this essential things have to be fixed and unfortunately Jolla doesn't take this serious.

thomas ( 2014-07-21 15:53:25 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-08-09 15:06:52 +0300

Olivier gravatar image

Same issue for me

Here is my configuration : URI used for sync : /owncloud/remote.php/caldav/calendars/olivier/

The URI seems correct since Apache logs show the initial connection : - olivier [09/Aug/2014:13:17:50 +0200] "PROPFIND /owncloud/remote.php/caldav/calendars/olivier/ HTTP/1.1" 207 2930

The synchronization also seems to works, furthermore other calendars seems to be synchronized : - olivier [09/Aug/2014:13:18:09 +0200] "REPORT /owncloud/remote.php/caldav/calendars/olivier/vacances/ HTTP/1.1" 207 10584 - olivier [09/Aug/2014:13:18:09 +0200] "REPORT /owncloud/remote.php/caldav/calendars/olivier/anniversaires/ HTTP/1.1" 207 16849 - olivier [09/Aug/2014:13:18:09 +0200] "REPORT /owncloud/remote.php/caldav/calendars/olivier/defaultcalendar/ HTTP/1.1" 207 84765 - olivier [09/Aug/2014:13:18:09 +0200] "REPORT /owncloud/remote.php/caldav/calendars/olivier/defaultcalendar_shared_by_bob/ HTTP/1.1" 207 185064

However there is only a few events in may caldendars

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