Why is the repair return packaging so bad?

asked 2014-07-21 20:06:22 +0300

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So, today I got my Jolla back from the second warranty repair, for the records this time they installed the battery rubber pad that supposedly fixes the frequent crashes and reboots and weird battery percentage reporting.

After I made a neat package with padding and all out of the original Jolla box (don't remember did I put in the antistatic bag or just bubble foil?), following the shipment instructions which this time explicitly asked me to not exceed the original Jolla box by too much;

what I received from Fedex was a thin plastic bag containing said box and a padded and virgin envelope.

In the box there was the Jolla and the battery flying about. Thank you for caring about my belongings, my beloved Jolla, carrying its true battle scars with pride, not.

But what really blew my mind was that said envelope with all its protective capabilities contained a single item: one copy of my outbound air way bill.

I am really honestly grateful for the repair and the extremely low turn-around times in that warranty case; but please let me ask you a rather rhetorical question: is saving two minutes on proper careful packaging with 5ct of highly standardized material (since atm there's just 5 items in the portfolio: battery,Jolla,TOH,charger,USB cable) more important than a EUR 300+ piece-of-hardware-and-subject-to-eternal-passion?

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I have got my package in fairly well shap but the jolla box had some tearing apart mark. Its worth to mention i haven´t enclosed anything but the Jolla in the box, so dont know why they had to tear it apart.

Macilaci457 ( 2014-07-21 20:50:59 +0300 )edit