Features i'am looking for my Jolla [not a question]

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Hy there,

what i'am looking for is the functionality from my 7 Year old Nokia E71

  1. SIP implementation like on my N9 or in the old E71
  2. VPN implementation like in the E71 it was possible to configurate the same accespoint twice 1. Point A 2. Point A with VPN
  3. Encryption for the hole phone and the sd-card. The best where with something like Truecrypt. Encryption on boot and possibilty to decrypt on every OS (Linux, Mac, Win) with USB-Connection.

All that please not as an APP that i have to start. Please as part of Sailfish.

Thanks and Thanks Jolla for your work. My Jolla, byed in Germany and using/playing in Mexico

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