[Jolla Launcher]Report on issues found after the new update

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updated 2014-07-27 15:06:22 +0300

Few more details for my spec:
Rom: Axxionkat 4.4.4
dpi: 260
Still got quite a number of crashes after updated, especially when using MX Player
Here are the debug dumps after crashes recently:
link text
Crashes happens usually when I open MX Player from home after I have returned home from the MX Player

Other issues found:
1. I still got display glitches for the character 7
image description
2. The screencaps at home has delay, which is not the screencap right before I side-swipe to home
3. The screencaps at home is still low in resolution which are not good for its appearance
4. Apps aren't alphabectically at first after updated if data isnt cleared
5. Last, Originally the music app listed at top predefined list is spotify, then after the update and higher usage of another player (Player Pro), Player Pro is listed at top, but the icon is not changed. Meanwhile Spotify which is listed at the alphabectically-sorted menu still carries the Jolla-style music icon but not its default one. I will provide a pic for reference ASAP.

Hope these info. will be useful for you. The launcher is still the launcher I use everyday since release:)

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Unfortunately the debug dump is not enough to pinpoint the crash in this case, due to restrictions placed by Android on what log entries we can get. Are you able to use adb on a computer to capture the full log?

As for issues 2 and 3, we are at the mercy of the Android OS giving us the screenshots. On some devices the quality is low, and sometimes the OS just doesn't want to give us any screenshots at all. Nothing we can do about it unfortunately.

Issues 4 and 5 are a result of how we handle the application list. Changes in the future are possible, but we have yet to decide what and when.

tdb ( 2014-07-29 10:25:35 +0300 )edit