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firefox downloads location [answered]

asked 2013-12-28 22:29:23 +0300

zeenix gravatar image

I installed firefox from yandex and it seems to work pretty nicely. However I couldn't figure where it downloads stuff to. My guess was ~/Downloads but thats not the case. Anyone know?

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I think it would be the location that's shown to android apps witch is the /sdcard folder, possibly /sdcard/Downloads, something like that.

Whippler ( 2013-12-28 23:14:49 +0300 )edit

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answered 2013-12-28 23:15:11 +0300

dez gravatar image

Everything downloaded from Android application goes somwhere under /data directory, frequently to /data/sdcard

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Is there a way to change the downloads location? ... since ists rather difficult to access the folders in /data

digitus ( 2014-01-13 22:28:13 +0300 )edit

how can you access the files? using the file browser, i do not have permissions to /data/sdcard/Download.

edgar ( 2014-05-19 15:31:16 +0300 )edit

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