Browser bug: unlimited HTML5 video caching

asked 2014-08-04 16:17:32 +0300

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updated 2014-08-04 16:19:13 +0300

Obviously there is no sensible caching limit on some HTML5 videos. I consider this as a bug:
Yesterday I was looking this video while beeing at home on wifi:
When reopening the browser on 4G network today, sailfish browser restarted playback automaticaly. Stopped playback, switched to new tab. While in background tab, sailfish browser cached 450MB of this video - until my data plan ran out. So now my data plan is used up on day four of August.

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There should not be a caching limit, stopping caching by stopping a video is against the idea of stopping to let the cache fill up. I don't think there is any config entry for limiting the size for video-caching only... we asked for tabs not reloading, so tabs do not get reloaded and stay active in the background, that was specifically asked for mobile-networking as it is a pain to reload pages every time you change tabs on mobile-data + it eats your data-plan. Now you find yourself in the rare spot where the snail actually bits itself... I am sorry for your data-plan being gone, but this is your own fault. We cannot ask to have youtube play in the background and at the same time ask to not cache the video. Only solution to this is to stop caching videos when stopped and the tab is not in foreground, with the option to only do that when connected to mobile-networks. If you are no developer, you will be better off by just closing the tab next time as I doubt anyone will look after it 4U

chemist ( 2014-08-04 18:21:28 +0300 )edit