WLAN connection lost when router channel hops? [not relevant]

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Recently I have had to re-enter the password to my home WLAN several times a day. At first I thought this was a bug in the latest update, but today I remembered that I made another change recently. I changed the WLAN router from using a fixed channel to automatically selecting a channel.

According to an answer on superuser.com there is no standards-defined behaviour for automatic channel selection, and some vendors will switch channels during operation. I have not been able to determine if that is what happens here, but I suspect the router does “channel hopping” since the problem sems to have disappeared after I changed the setting to use a fixed channel again. My router is a Telsey CPL4.

I still think this is a bug, but it may have been there right from the start. If the channel is changed while I am connected I can accept that the connection is lost and must be re-established, but I should not have to re-type a password which has previously been stored for the WLAN.

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I've set my access point to automatically select the channel too a long time ago. So far, I have not experienced the effect you describe above. I use a DLink DIR-855 with WPA2-TKIP.

Venty ( 2014-08-08 14:26:33 +0300 )edit

This morning I got a password prompt again, so it can not be caused by channel hopping. I can not recall this behaviour from the first six months of use - so perhaps the latest (1.08.19) update is what caused it?

Kjetil Kilhavn ( 2014-08-12 09:44:37 +0300 )edit