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I think it would be nice to read a community newsletter every now and then (without any special timetable). The content could be provided by anyone, and I suppose we could find few active members who would gather it all to a single letter with a nice layout. This mail campaign could be put up for example with mailchimp, a free service (to a limited amount of subscribers) also used by Jolla

I volunteer to set this up in Mailchimp and gather the first content together if this idea gains support. The related questions:

  • EDIT: Would you become a content provider, even for once?
  • Would you subscribe to one?
  • How often would you like to receive one?
  • What type of content, provided by community members, would you like to read?
  • Do you think that Jolla should be one of the content providers?
  • Channel for sending the content? Maybe an email provided by Jolla, forwarded to the community editors? (This way Jolla might have a view to the content in advance, if they want)

PS. This idea is to provide unofficial content as open as possible. Jolla already have an official newsletter campaign, and they have posted 5 newsletters since November 2013 to their registered customers. If you're on this mailing list, you should have these in your mailbox sent from address ""

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