Incoming call kept calling after call was picked up

asked 2014-08-11 19:38:00 +0200

I just had the weirdest bug I've ever experienced with a phone. I picked up an incoming call, but even though I could speak with the person on the other end, the phone kept vibrating, telling me the same person was still calling... I did not have the phone on silent, and it stopped playing the ringtone but kept vibrating and showing the incoming call on the display as if it hadn't been picked up. After hanging up, the ringtone started playing again, and I then tried to ignore the incoming call, which then stopped it. It does not show as a missed call in my call log, which is natural since I did actually answer the call. But it was kind of unpleasant holding a vibrating phone to my ear, not to mention noisy, while trying to explain to the person in the other end that my phone was vibrating in my ear...

Has anyone else experienced this? I tried to search, but couldn't find any topic about this exact issue. I have no idea how this could be reproduced, it has only happened this once.

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Maybe it's a similar effect:

After some missed calls and call back tries (bad timing?) my jolla run into a strange state. Sailfish says a call is active (icon on the lock screen), but there was none. The phone app was closed, and I couldn't hear anything. I could start the phone app again and was able to dial, but failed in the network (not completely explored from my side, but once a "wrong service"-response from the network). I got a call and it shows up as a "waiting"-call, but I was unable to answer because there was no reaction to the pulley menue.

Needed to reboot the phone to make it work again.

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Robomike ( 2014-09-11 10:31:53 +0200 )edit