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Texting from PC/Browser

asked 2014-08-14 00:21:23 +0200

Hecraps gravatar image

Yaaarrr ! Little fishermen !

Since yesterday I'm trying to find a solution to easily send Text Message from my PC (by browser or an .exe), I install all the Google Services, and try MightyText and MobiTexter, but none of them works. MightyText told me that there is no device paired to my Google Play Account, which is not true, so I threw the app overboard to be eat up by sharks. And MobiTexter send text on the browser, I can see my text on the app over the phone, but my text never arrived to my mate. So I think something devoured the seagull which was transporting my message. So I threw again the app overboard to be eat up by sharks. I saw that we can send message by command line, but it's not very user friendly... So, sailors, any solutions ?

By the way, I freaking love the ringtone of the Keira Black, it sounds like the Giant Mechanic Spiders in Half-Life 2, okay, don't beat me, I'm going out ! ;)

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2 Answers

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answered 2014-08-14 00:52:12 +0200

nthn gravatar image

I believe this is what you're looking for: https://openrepos.net/content/titilambert/squilla

Unfortunately it is still in beta at the moment, but you can have a look and see if it works for you already. You will need to have the 'allow untrusted software' option in Settings enabled to install the .rpm file from there.

Here is the support thread for the app: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1433854

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+1 and thanks for your answer! I was not aware of squilla :D

mosen ( 2014-08-14 01:04:03 +0200 )edit

answered 2014-08-14 01:00:48 +0200

mosen gravatar image

I use a XMPP client and account on my pc to text to my jollas xmpp account. You can either set up your very own jabber server on a webserver under your control or connect your two clients (Jolla and PC) to one of these servers: https://list.jabber.at/ If you have all set up it will work like icq/skype/aim.

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