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DISCLAIMER: If this post feels like a rant, believe me when I say the best way to deal with problems is NOT to sweep (or swipe, since you like that so much) them under the rug.

When I thought of getting Jolla, I thought it would be an easy experience, e.g. making the leap from WP7 wouldn't be a bumpy one for the average joe that I am.

I was wrong.

The effortless using of WP7 isn't present. I know, there's the learning curve, but for instance why do I always have to open the app again when unlocking the phone? WHY?

Then, the apps situation is really not great. To install a basic app, such as Whatsapp, natively (because the Android stuff lags and takes up battery) you have to delete your existing Whatsapp account, then log in to a client downloaded from some site, and have to live with the fact that your messages never existed. WHY?

Then, why does the phone shut itself off by itself? It's obviously not "just me" because a light search shows that this is terrifyingly common. It's not fun being in a hurry for a tight bus schedule in a new town just to get to enjoy the serenic freedom of having to put your PIN code in a million times!!

Then, why would you design the phone in a way that after a few months of casual usage, brown spots start to appear on the screen because of overheating. If you take the battery cover off, (which, btw, is not properly instructed) the side of the cover WILL break sometime (lost 2 of those because of that). Why won't the browser click on what I obviously clicked, wtf?

I really believe in you, Jolla, I really do, but you can't take the beta tag off quite yet. Please fix things! You're driving people nuts!

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