Harbour: more statistics and REST API

asked 2014-08-18 11:50:37 +0300

walokra gravatar image

updated 2014-12-18 12:37:18 +0300

Jolla Harbour provides now basic information about developer's apps like active installs and other numbers but it would be usefull for the developer to see more detailed statistics. Like how new app version affects the installs etc.

Some suggestions:

  • Active installs per app version.
  • Graphs for installs, likes, comments.
  • E.g. graphs: Daily & Overall Details, Top Countries like in OpenRepos.
  • Filtering for graph period.

One possibility could be to have Harbour / Store API so that developers can implement their own dashboards.

Also the possibility to read & answer reviews directly from Harbour would be beneficial.

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In-app purchase api would be great and help developers alot!

tortoisedoc ( 2014-08-18 19:12:01 +0300 )edit