Phone application freezes

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With a clean install of TAHKALAMPI (because prior problem of not being able to activate developer mode) phone application freezes for minutes from time to time.

This is sometimes occurs when I take the phone to my hand to call someone. I open phone application, try to scroll down for "enter phone number" or " Call person". Cant scroll, instead, after a while, I find my self calling to somebody (a person whose name was where i touched to try to scroll down) in the recent calls list.

How annoying can it be not being able to call on a mobile phone.

I'm ready to give up and start gazing for Galaxies. Tired of resetting and removing the battery several times a day, not to mention removing and re-installing android support which results of course in loss of all my saved data in android apps, not to mention resetting to factory settings....

Next releases. please. no more new features before the old ones are stabile...

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In my case the phone application freezes after pressing the call button, there is no change on the display but the call starts and I can hear the other person while the screen still shows no change

till ( 2014-08-18 15:05:28 +0200 )edit